Update on Project 41

As you know, I've been working on Discover 42 for about six weeks now.  I'd planned to leave Project 41 behind as of my 42nd birthday, but that didn't quite happen.  When the Baskin-Robbins March Flavor-of-the-Month rolled around, I tried to ignore it.  The flavor was Bananas Foster.  I don't like bananas and I especially don't like banana ice cream.  I don't like rum-flavored stuff either.  After a year of eating the Flavor-of-the-Month no matter what it was, I was thrilled that I wasn't obligated to eat this one, which I knew I wouldn't like.

But then I started wondering... what if it's actually really good?  I thought I'd hate Jamoca Heath, but I actually loved it.  Same with Movie Theater Popcorn.  I spent far too much time thinking about that crazy Bananas Foster before finally breaking down and asking Steve to join me for an ice cream date.  We read the description: "a Bananas Foster flavored ice cream complete with brown sugar rum flavored ribbon and praline pecans."  

Rather than have another Gingerbread Junction experience, I decided to just ask for a tasting spoon rather than committing to a whole scoop.  That was a good decision.  Neither of us liked it (I hated it; Steve just didn't like it).  We each chose flavors we hadn't had before (mine was Bobsled Brownie and Steve's was something about peanut butter) and they were both delicious.

Meanwhile, I had finished my layout about Project 41 and posted it on the Baskin-Robbins Facebook page on a whim.  Within a week, I found a large box on my doorstep with all these goodies inside.

A tote bag, travel mug, ice cream scoop, t-shirt, pencil, pin, gift card, and what appeared to be a tasting spoon but is actually a flash drive.  Awesome!

When April rolled around, I once again was tempted to go try the Flavor-of-the-Month.  Trevor and I went ice skating together last Wednesday (his first time ever, my first time in 20 years), so afterward I suggested we continue the ice theme by stopping for ice cream.  Obviously, he thought that was a great idea.  

April's Flavor-of-the-Month is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a "red and blue vanilla flavored ice cream with a dark chocolate flavored web and popping candies that combine to make it a superhero of a flavor!"

This is how it looked:

Trevor opted to get a seasonal flavor that I hadn't heard of before: Easter Egg Hunt: "Get a hop on finding all the hidden candy eggs in our field of green white chocolate flavored ice cream with a sweet creme swirl!"

Both ice creams were tasty and we had a lot of fun together, as always. 

So, while Project 41 may officially be over, the jury is still out on whether or not I'll continue making monthly visits to Baskin-Robbins to try the Flavor-of-the-Month...


  1. I think I might be afraid of banana ice cream too!! That is so awesome they sent you a package!!!! And loving that photo of Trevor ... toooooooo cute!!!!

  2. That is awesome that they sent you such a neat package! LOVE companies that really care about their customers!! :) How fun! I think it's a great tradition, and may just be a fun "date" for you and your guys, or even friends, since you've been able to catch up with so many through the last year! :)

  3. Sounds like a very fun project! And, a great surprise package from BR!

  4. Ooooh...never pass on ice-cream! Glad you had flavours you liked.:)

  5. Awesome!! I really hope you continue to do this -- I think it's a great way to carve out time every month to spend time with family and friends WITH the added bonus of tasty ice cream!! :)


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