Decoden Princess Scepter

Do you know what decoden is? One of the Make-and-Takes I did at CHA was called a Decoden Cupcake (scroll down to the bottom of the linked post to see it). It turned out to be my absolute favorite of the many, many Make-and-Takes I did. But it wasn't until I came home and looked up the word decoden that I learned why the cupcake project was called what it was. 

Unless you are literally reading my blog for the very first time, you know that I'm not a more-is-more crafter. My style is extremely clean and simple with very little embellishing. Which is why it surprised me to learn just how much I like to do decoden! When I received my box of goodies from the FaveCrafts Blogger Event and saw the styrofoam balls, I knew I wanted to do a decoden project! I decided to make a princess scepter that would coordinate with the heart tie-dye shirt we gave Allison. Affiliate links below.   


Decoden Princess Scepter



Poke a hole in the styrofoam ball with the dowel. Then poke the other end of the dowel into a spare chunk of styrofoam so that it is supported upright. This will make it possible to apply sequins to all sides of the ball without making a giant mess. 

Use the craft stick to apply Snow-Tex to the surface of the styrofoam ball. Stick assorted sequins into the Snow-Tex so that they are firmly attached, but not buried. Try not to leave large gaps between sequins.

As soon as the ball is covered in sequins, sprinkle it with extra-fine glitter. The glitter will stick to the still-moist Snow-Tex. Let the Snow-Tex dry completely (I left it overnight). When it is completely dry, gently blow off any extra glitter and remove the dowel from the ball.

Paint the dowel pink. While it is drying, cut strips of Oly*Fun that are slightly longer than the dowel. I clipped them together with the amazingly-awesome Wonder Clips by Clover, which were also in the swag box. I don't sew, but I still have found a zillion uses for them in the 6 weeks I've had them. 

Put a generous amount of tacky glue in the hole at the bottom of the styrofoam ball. Remove the Wonder Clip and push the dowel and the Oly*Fun strips into the hole together. Poke the other end of the dowel back into the scrap styrofoam until it is dry.

Now it's ready for the special princess in your life!


  1. any little princess would love to have this

  2. That is so cool! My niece would love to have one! Not sure if I can get Snow-tex here though.

    1. There are a bunch of other products that work just as well - people even use caulk from the hardware store. I just happened to have Snow-Tex on hand.

  3. That is sooooooooooooo awesome!!!!! I need to make one for Brookie's next birthday party!!! Pinning!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great idea! Beautiful result. I'm itching to dive into my goodies from the Fave-Crafts Blogger event. No time right now but I may try your project once I do. I have a little friend who might like this.

  5. I love it! So cute!! :) I bet she will be darling in her cute top with her matching scepter! :)

  6. How fun!! I bet she loved it!! I've never heard of that particular craft... looks like it would be fun! :)


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