Thursday, February 12, 2015

Twizzler Dragonflies

About midway through making his Yoda valentines, Trevor was ready to quit. His hand hurt from coloring and cutting. He was starting to look around for distractions, and his eyes landed on the bag of Twizzlers. We started talking about ways that we could use the Twizzlers for a future craft. By putting our heads together, we came up with this incredibly simple dragonfly. Trevor liked the dragonfly so much that he decided half the class would get Yoda valentines and half would get dragonfly valentines.

Materials: Twizzlers, black Sharpie, heart punch, vellum, and scotch tape

Use the Sharpie to write the recipient's name and your name on the lines on the printed side of the Twizzler. Flip it over, and draw eyes and a mouth on one end. Punch two hearts from vellum. Arrange them so the tips are touching, then tape them to the Twizzler. So easy!


  1. This couldn't be cuter! I love how simple it is too. Yeah, totally want to remember this for Cory's class next year. It's perfect.

  2. How fun! I loveeeeeeeee this!!!! Pinning!!!!

  3. Haha....mass production is no fun!
    This is such a cute project!