Tulip Mini Tie-Dye Kit

Everyone who attended the Fave Crafts Blogger Event at CHA received a huge box of products from the sponsors. It was loaded with all sorts of awesome stuff. One of the first items that caught my eye (and Trevor's) was this Mini Tie-Dye Kit.  

I'd never seen it before, and I absolutely love the concept. The bottles contain dye in a powdered form. You just add water up to the fill line, shake, and then squirt the dye right where you want it. Here you can see what the bottle looks like before adding water. That small amount of powder at the bottom is very concentrated. 

The kit comes with two bottles, a set of gloves, rubber bands, and detailed instructions that show how to make a variety of dyed patterns. The package said there was enough dye for 3 projects. We decided to dye a white toddler-size t-shirt, a small ivory-colored canvas bag, and this t-shirt:  

Trevor made it at Picnic Day last year. It had faded to dull pastels rather than the vibrant brights you typically associated with tie-dye. I'll start by showing you how it turned out, since it was such an dramatic transformation. Trevor followed the directions to create a spiral, then squirted the yellow and red dyes alternately to make this great design:

I did a simple two-tone with the canvas bag. I put yellow in the upper right and red in the lower left and let them bleed together.

Trevor wanted to try the ombre design on the toddler t-shirt. He saturated the bottom of the shirt with red dye, then used a dry, stiff-bristled paint brush to drag the color upward. He dipped the brush in water and dragged again. Neat!

Trevor has already worn his t-shirt as is, but we have plans for the other two dyed items. I'll share those when they're done.

I highly recommend the Tulip Mini Tie-Dye Kit. It was easy to use and delivered brilliant color. It couldn't have been easier to use and it was much easier to clean up than the typical dye bath. The colors faded a little bit with washing, but not much. As promised, there was enough dye for three projects. Two thumbs up!


  1. I think these turned out amazing! It seems super simple to use too. My favorite!

  2. Looking great! I love these kits. I usually buy a big kit once a year and invite friends for a tie-dye party. Love the ombre design!

  3. I love tie die -- these turned out great!! :)


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