Yoda Valentines

Trevor knew exactly what kind of valentines he wanted to give to his classmates this year: a Yoda minifig holding a Pixy Stix lightsaber, similar to last year's Lego Ninjago characters holding lollipops. He drew a sketch on a piece of scratch paper and used the computer to look for a Lego Yoda printable. When he found just what he wanted, we printed out a bunch of Yodas and headed to the store for Pixy Stix.

We went to the candy aisle. No Pixy Stix. We went to the valentine aisles. No Pixy Stix. We checked endcaps, the snack aisle, and the checkout aisles. No Pixy Stix. Trevor was disappointed, but was willing to go back and look through all the candy to see if there would be an acceptable substitute. He settled on individually-wrapped Twizzlers. We put a bag in the cart and Trevor informed me that Yoda can't possibly use a red lightsaber, so he'd have to use a bad guy instead. I had no idea. Too bad we'd just printed out all the Yodas.

We paid, gathered our bag, and headed toward the exit. We both stopped in our tracks... Eureka! Pixy Stix! I can't fathom why the only Pixy Stix in the store are located PAST the checkout lines, but we grabbed a pack, looped around, and got back in line to pay. I asked if I could return the Twizzlers we'd JUST bought there at the checkstand, but no. We'd have to go stand in the customer service line, which was currently about 12 people deep. No way.

We went home and got to work. Here is the first completed Pixy Stix Yoda:   

Materials: Yoda minifig coloring page (Google to find one you like), color pencils, scissors, green masking tape, silver duct tape, tan cardstock, hole punch, scotch tape, and a tape runner.

Begin by coloring the Yodas and cutting them out. Wrap green masking tape around each of the Pixy Stix, stopping about halfway down. Wrap a small amount of silver duct tape to make the hilt of the sword.

Cut 4" x 6" pieces of tan cardstock. Arrange them vertically and write your valentine messages along the top and bottom of the cards. Punch a hole along the left side of each card where Yoda's hand will be. Slide a Pixy Stix lightsaber through the hole, then tape it securely to the back of the card. Use the tape runner to glue Yoda into place. 

Even though Trevor loved them, coloring and cutting all those Yodas got old quickly and he was ready to stop after making only half the valentines he needed for school. It turned out he had a good idea for using the Twizzlers that we hadn't returned. It was a much faster and easier valentine project. I'll show you those tomorrow.


  1. Trevor is such a clever little guy! :) I hope he saved his wonderfully colored Yodas for his special Valentines! :)

  2. Trevor is so inventive. I love his idea for the Valentines. They turned out so cute. Great work, Trevor!

  3. These are AWESOME! I loveeeeeeee them!!!!!!!

  4. Cory received a handmade Yoda Valentine today at his class party. Of course it wasn't nearly as cute as Trevor's and no light saber. But Cory's did have a fun sentiment hand-written on it. The valentine said: Yoda best! I immediately thought of you guys when I saw that. :)

  5. I swear I had commented on this but I guess I have not... So love this!! :)

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