On the Creative To-Do List...

I try very, very hard to have creative time each day. It's a priority for me and a big part of staying sane. On a typical weekday, I answer emails and read blogs for an hour or so before Trevor wakes up, work at either or both of my two jobs after dropping him off at school, do errands or chores, work on my own blog, and hopefully squeeze in 15 minutes of creative time before it's time for school pickup. Sometimes Trevor and I get some creative time in together after his homework if he doesn't have an after-school activity or playdate; occasionally, he plays by himself and I can spend some time in the craft room then before dinner.

Despite prioritizing creative time, I don't always have finished projects to show for it. I rarely start and finish a project on the same day unless it's something Trevor and I are doing together. This is all a very long-winded way of saying that I don't have a project done to share today. Instead, here's a look at what's in progress (on the creative to-do list, as it were), starting in the craft room:

Here's my desk. As you can see, it is a disaster. There are two visible layouts in progress, both two-pagers. I tend to put off two-pagers. There are actually several more layouts in progress (all single pagers) stacked underneath, all in different stages of completion. It's likely some or all of those will get finished before the ones on top. 

The desk is a disaster because I am doing a major purge. It's time to get rid of all the papers, tools, and other supplies that I don't use and make room for all the goodies I brought home from CHA. This is the floor of the craft room. Believe it or not, those piles have meaning to me. Now that I've gone through them, I just need to put them away in the proper place.

I'm hosting a crop tomorrow (yea!) so I got some photos printed. I'm hopeful that I'll have some layouts done and ready to share next week. I suppose it all depends on how much chatting I do and what interesting tools or toys my friends bring for me to play with.

Here's yet another pile of stuff on the floor. These are all the business cards and handouts I got at CHA.

I'm going through them and putting them into the journal I made at the Mega Block Party

Here is the swag from the Fave Crafts Blogger Event at CHA. I have some ideas sketched out for what I want to submit for the Best Blogger Craft contest; I just need to get started. Hopefully with the old stuff cleared out of the craft room, I'll be able to get going soon.

Before I do that though, I'm going to help Trevor finish his valentines. I'm a huge fan of homemade valentines, but I have to admit a small part of me was kind of hoping Trevor would go the purchased route this year. But no. He had a vision of Yoda standing up, holding a green pixie stick lightsaber. I offered to help, because I know from years of experience that making 30 of the same item is very tedious, especially when it's as involved as these valentines. When they're finish, I'll post a tutorial. 

So there you have it - just some of the items on my creative to-do list!


  1. This is so funny! We are so different, but SOOOO much alike!!! :D Let's cross our fingers and hope that we both get lots of creative time for ourselves this weekend! At least enough to finish our 'have to's and get our rooms in order, so we can start on our 'want to's! :)

  2. I should share a picture of my current disaster.... doing similar things to you... cleaning out the old so I can play with the new! I have a half finished pile on my desk as well. Clever solution for all the info -- love that you are putting it into your journal. Can't wait to see your two page layouts. I love when you do those! And have fun at your crop this weekend. It's been too long since I've gone to one of those. Maybe I need to plan one soon :)

  3. My area looks pretty much the same right now MINUS that it's not crafty stuff .. but school stuff from the kids that has been building all week, and I have a mission to finish this weekend! LOL!! Loving his Valentine's!! They look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think your desk looks great, Cindy! Your "disaster" is another man's organized space! You have everything in it's place and know exactly where the items are going. I wish I had just a little or your organized spirit, Cindy. And thank you so much for your visit to my blog, too. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE Trevor's valentines!!!!!


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