40-4-Steve: Dave's Giant Hamburger

Dave's Giant Hamburger is an institution in our town, famous for delicious burgers, amazing milkshakes, and the fact that they do not serve fries. Trevor and I went together 3 years ago as a Kidding Around project but Steve was out of town and couldn't join us. For three years, we've been saying that he HAS to try Dave's. I added it to the list of 40-4-Steve and made it happen.

Dave's did not disappoint. Our burgers and shakes were fantastic... so good, in fact, that we didn't even miss the fries.


  1. That is crazy they don't have fries! LOL!! I loveeeee your page! LOVING the cutout sign!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hmmm...interesting that they don't serve fries. But the burger has to be fantastic then. :)


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