Perler Bead Flags

California is celebrating its 166th birthday this month. Trevor made a Perler Bead flag of his own design to commemorate the occasion.

When your medium is Perler beads, you have to take a little creative license. Way better than I could have done, that's for sure. For comparison, here's the state flag:

Here's Trevor's version of the US flag:

Again, creative license. 

Both designs should be easy to replicate by looking at Trevor's. For the California flag, you need a rectangular board and white, red, brown and green beads. For the US flag, you need the rectangular board and red, white and blue beads. 

Now we can add our state and national flags to our growing collection of Perler Bead flags. You can see our versions of the Olympic flag, as well as the flags of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Bahamas, and Lebanon here


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