Bear Year

I've mentioned before that I don't necessarily care about being 'caught up' with my scrapbooking, but it does bother me when I'm lapped on an annual event. Journaling is so much harder when I have to sort out what happened with the year I'm scrapping vs. the more recent current year. Such was the case when I went to scrap Trevor's Cub Scout Bear year (June 2014 through May 2015).  

I'm glad his Bear Year is in the scrapbook. Now I need to hurry up and scrap his first year of Webelos, because we're already 3 months in to his Arrow of Light year. 


  1. Such a nice collection of photos. I've always admired your clean style! Great layout.

  2. I like this page a lot. To help with the memory overlap for those annual events, do you ever jot down some notes and stick it with your scrapbooking supplies to refer to later when you want to work on that year's page?

    1. Nope - never have. But I do keep a daily journal, so it's easy enough to look something up if I have to.

  3. Love this! LOVING those photos!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I like how you were able to fit so many photos in your layout. I, too, don't worry much about being "caught up." After child #2 was born, it was impossible!


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