Underwater Felt Animals

My mom is a retired preschool teacher, but based on the amount of time she still spends there, you'd think she doesn't quite understand the word 'retired.' Among other things, she does storytime for the kids using a felt board. She mentioned that she needed some underwater creatures to enhance some of the stories.

Her requirements were pretty basic:

  • Simple, colorful, recognizable ocean creatures
  • Made of felt
  • Friendly faces
  • No obvious predator/prey issues amongst the creatures
  • No recognizable characters (like Nemo or Dory)

Trevor and I got to work making critters and habitat. I've been helping my mom prep preschool stuff for a good 36 years or so. It's fun that Trevor is now helping her all those years later.

Trevor and I cut these freehand from felt, then used a Sharpie to add the faces. They'll stick to the blue felt board on their own. Any ideas for underwater creatures or habitat that we should add?


  1. Loveeeeeee these!!! What about a seahorse??

  2. Definitely a starfish, seahorses and crab. Maybe sea turtle too. There's a real cute set of underwater critters you could use as ideas on the stampin up site. Maybe more than one set. You may be able to find them best by either going to splitcoast stampers or through a stamp in up dealer ( e.g. dawn Griffith or dawn olschevske.)

    1. We have a starfish and a crab already, but a sea turtle would be fun to add!

  3. Dammit I was going to say "sea horse" LOL! Cute! Looks like they are really floating under water!


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