Creativation 2017

Today is the first day of the Craft and Hobby Association's Creativation Show and I couldn't be more excited!

I gave you a brief overview of my schedule here. In just the few days since I wrote that, I've added three more items to my already jam-packed calendar. It's going to be crazy, but in the best of ways.

It's unlikely I'll be able to squeeze in time for blogging during the show, but I am planning to share as much as I can via my brand-new Facebook page. Let us know what booths you'd like to see, new products you want us to check out, or anything else and we'll do our best! "Us?" you ask? Sadly, Tanya isn't traveling with me for this show... but I will have some help, specifically with social media!

Vickie is my aunt and one of those super creative people who is always crafting up beautiful stuff. She does many crafts well, but her strengths are different than mine, making her an excellent assistant for the show. Vickie is a former 4th grade teacher and a current curriculum director, so she knows kids' crafts and educational crafts inside and out. I'm very excited to have her working with me. 

I will not be running blog posts while I'm gone, so be sure to follow our adventures on Facebook and let us know what you want to see!


  1. Well, I don't have FB so I can't follow your adventures, but I hope you have fun and I cant wait to find out what you learned when you finally get back to blogging!

  2. Have fun!!!!! Gonna be some rainy days while you are here!

    1. Thanks! What's up with this rain? I thought we'd left that behind to come to the desert!

  3. Hope you had fun! And saw my projects at the Maya Road booth!;)


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