Fingerprint Penguin Thank You Cards

For this year's thank you notes, Trevor make fingerprint penguins. They're quick and easy to do, assembly-line style. If your kids' thank you notes are already done, simply add a different sentiment to the card or make it as a flat piece of art.

Fingerprint Penguin Thank You Cards


  • white card blanks
  • light blue cardstock
  • scissors
  • black construction paper
  • white paint
  • orange paint
  • black sharpie
  • craft glue


1. Fold the card blank and orient it as a vertical card. Cut a piece of light blue cardstock slightly smaller than the card blank. Cut a hill shape from the bottom of the cardstock. Glue it to the front of the card. 

2. Cut an oval penguin body from the black construction paper. Aim for about the size of a chicken egg.

3. Dip your thumb in white paint, then stamp it on the black oval to make the penguin's white tummy.

4. Use your pinky to make the penguin's eyes.

5. Wipe the excess white paint from your pinky, then dip it in the orange paint. Add a beak and two feet. Let the paint dry completely. 

6. Use the sharpie to add pupils to the penguin's eyes. 

7. Glue the penguin to the card and write the sentiment.   

Each of Trevor's penguins has its own unique personality. This would make a really fun project for a classroom or daycare bulletin board. Imagine how adorable it would be to have many children's penguins all on display together!


  1. Loveeee these!!!!!!!! What a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hehe...how cute are these! Very creative and fun idea!


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