Fun Family Crafts Round-Ups

Time to share the past few months of kids' craft round-ups I've made as Editor of Fun Family Crafts. First up, creative Halloween costumes. It was really hard to choose just 10 to feature. I think my favorite is the paintbrush. I've never seen anything like it! You might have noticed Trevor's toga costume in the mix. While it's not on par with the others in terms of creativity, I added it because it literally takes about 3 minutes to make and therefore is perfect for last-minute dress-up where there isn't even time to run to Target and buy something. I made this before we finished Trevor's campfire costume, which is why it's not included. 

Somehow, we didn't have a round-up of recycled crafts, despite there being over 1400 on the site. Situation resolved. One of my projects is amongst the ten featured. Do you recognize it?

Next, Hanukkah crafts. It's not a big category for us, but perhaps the roundup will prompt others to contribute their tutorials. 

I was really surprised we didn't already have a round-up of cardboard tube crafts. They're one of our most popular supplies. Two of my projects are in this collage. 

Next, hot cocoa crafts and recipes. There are three of mine in this round-up. I do love hot cocoa! I had a tough time arranging the 10 photos in this round-up. It's not especially well-balanced, but it was the best I could do with the photo sizes and orientations. I made up for it with the title block. I'm in love with the little hat sitting on the word 'Crafts.' 

Now, CD and DVD crafts. If only I'd thought of these ideas back when AOL was mailing out a CD every week! (Who else is old enough to remember that?) One of these crafts is mine. Do you recognize it?

Finally, crafts for Martin Luther King Day. It's another small category for us, but the 20+ crafts we do have are pretty awesome. 

As usual, I made all of these collages with PicMonkey. I have the Royale membership ($3.99/month and worth every penny), but if you don't need the fancy features, the free version of PicMonkey is pretty awesome too.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwww I saw mine in the recycled crafts!! Thanks for that ... I am honored!!!!!! LOVING all of these!!!!!!!!


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