40-4-Steve: Come Along On a Business Trip

This layout (along with the rest of the pages I made on National Scrapbook Day) goes in the 40-4-Steve album. I'd really like to get the album completed since his 41st birthday was over three months ago. This particular item (having Steve and Trevor come along on one of Steve's business trips) happened in November. We loved New Mexico. And I love this layout.

NM (affiliate link)

I'll do a proper 2-page spread about our trip for the family album eventually. For now, I'm glad to have documentation of our first time tagging along on a business trip.


  1. Loveeeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and loving the large NM!!!!!!

  2. Going on a "business trip" sounds so boring, LOL, glad to hear it wasn't! Love the neutral colors of your layout w/ the pop of color from the photo w/ the flags!

    1. That's what I thought until we actually went along on one! Trevor and I visited all sorts of cool places while Steve was in meetings, then we were able to hang out together in the evenings and do more siteseeing.

  3. Glad you guys could tag along and explore another city. Awesome layout.


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