Campfire Costume and Halloween 2016

Remember Trevor's campfire costume? Now it's in the album.

Campfire Costume (affiliate link)

That was a really fun costume. It was fun to scrap too.

Here is the page I made of him with his friends on Halloween. We started out with a group of 8 kids (top photo), but ended up with 4 after splitting up halfway through. The lower photo shows the four: Trevor with Sophia, Andrea, and Devin, warming their hands around the 'campfire.' It was a chilly, rainy night, so the 'fire' was very welcome.

Halloween 2016 (affiliate link)

I love Halloween.


  1. Hi Cindy! I love your adorable scrapbook pages. The "fire" you created on your page is just as cool as the fire in the photo!!!!

  2. These are FABULOUS!! That is still one of my fave costumes of his!!! LOVING the colors!! Perfect for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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