Birthday Cards

When I get together with friends to scrap, it is pretty much impossible for me to complete layouts. I can crop photos and start to pick patterned papers while I talk, but that's about it. I don't want to commit to gluing things down and I certainly can't tackle journaling while gabbing with friends. I usually go home from a day of cropping with a pile of 10+ incomplete layouts. 

Cards are a different story. I can easily make cards while chatting. The last time we got together, I finished 15 cards (and the 10 half-done layouts). None of the cards are the same, but they have similar components. Here are four that I made using the last bits of birthday-themed patterned paper. 


I know exactly who will get each one, even if their birthdays are still months away! 


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh I loveeeeeeeeeee these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And this is why I scrap ALONE! LOL! I love your cards, ESPECIALLY the ones w/ the Peanuts characters on them! Love Snoopy and Peanuts!!


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