40-4-Steve: Crown Grill

I went on my first cruise with my parents and sister in 1987 (age 15) and loved it. Since then, I've been on 19 cruises with my family. Steve has been along on the past 10 and Trevor on the past 9. Cruising has changed quite a bit from 1987. Ships have grown significantly in size and offer far more amenities and onboard activities than in the 80's. Many of the changes are for the better. 

One change that I do not like is the addition of pay-to-use amenities. On our first cruise, everything was included, with the exception of alcohol and gambling (which weren't relevant to me at age 15). The shows, the food, the activities, the contests - no cover charge. You could enjoy any public part of the ship. Now, it is common to see pay-to-use lounge areas, fees for special classes or activities, and specialty restaurants with a cover charge. This annoys me, so I opt not to support them in hopes that the industry will shift back towards all-inclusive instead of nickel-and-diming the passengers. 

Steve has no problem with the specialty restaurants requiring a cover charge and has wanted to try one out for a long time. As part of my 40-4-Steve project, we ate together at the Crown Grill aboard the Grand Princess. And it was delicious. 

Crown Grill (affiliate link)

To scrap the photo he took of one of his courses, I used a map paper by Pink Paislee. I circled the part of Alaska where we were headed as we were eating our meal. The layout is really simple, but I think it works. 


  1. I have heard about the extra fees! My brother is taking one later this year, and he was telling me all about it! Vegas is doing that too -- all parking now costs money (used to just be tips only for valet), and they have added more fees onto the rooms too! Crazy! Loveeeeeeeeeeee your page!! LOVING that map paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow. 19 cruises! I've never been on one.
    Love the simplicity of your layout...really highlights the yummy photo.


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