Experimenting with Wilton Cookie Icing

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Back when Wilton sent me the supplies for my awesome (if I do say so myself) LEGO Batman party, they also sent three colors of their Cookie Icing (Batman colors - white, yellow, and black) and a set of extra fine-tipped Food Writers. We baked up a stack of sugar cookies, eager to decorate. 

The first thing Trevor and I did was taste the Cookie Icing. No sense ruining a big stack of cookies if the icing tastes bad. Fortunately, it tastes good. A little too good, in fact, since I really should be eating fewer cookies. 

I followed the directions to gently heat the icing in the microwave and then we started decorating. 

The icing was quite a bit thinner than I expected. I thought we'd be able to draw designs, but this was far too thin for that. It was perfect flooding texture though. It did thicken up a tiny bit over time, but still not to what I'd expected. No matter. There are tons of fun things you can do with this icing, particularly when you use a toothpick to drag the colors together. 

It is really easy to get beautiful designs. No matter how you drag the toothpick, the results are really nice. 


To make a zebra cookie, I flooded the whole cookie with white, let it set for about 2 minutes, then added some black stripes by squeezing the bottle over the cookie as I moved my hand back and forth. When it dried completely, I was able to break the extra icing off the edges, leaving this:

Finally, we flooded cookies with each of the three colors and let them dry completely so that we could test the Food Writers. The icing dried to a smooth, glossy surface, perfect for decorating. The pens worked just as I'd hoped, going on smooth with good precision. None of the colors show up well with the black cookie, which is not surprising. All five colors show well on the yellow Cookie Icing (which is a lot more orange than yellow).


As expected, the markers worked best on white. I used the green and red pens to draw a quick bouquet of roses.

Thanks to Wilton for the fun goodies! We'll definitely be using both the Cookie Icing and the Food Writers again.


  1. Thanks for this review. I have never tried either of these items. It looks to me like the flooded cookie dries hard so that the cookies can be stacked in an airtight container? And then if you use the writing tips can they still be stacked without changing the design or sticking together? I usually use a thinned down powdered sugar icing on my sugar cookies and let that dry and then they are stackable. Thanks for any info.

    1. Yes, the Cookie Icing dries hard and the cookies can be stacked without affecting the icing. The Food Writers are just markers with food-safe ink. They'll smear if you touch them while they're wet, like most markers, but they dry quickly and then can be stacked without smearing or sticking. Give them a try!

  2. Very cool!! LOVING the designs you both made!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nicely done. Love the blooms and the zebra print. Looks like a fun activity.


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