Glass Fusing at Sage Place in Bandon, Oregon

During our family reunion in Bandon, Oregon, the whole group went to Sage Place for a glass fusing workshop. Everyone, from the grandparent generation down to the 4-year olds, participated. It was awesome. 

The workshop was taught by Anne Sobbota, the owner of Sage Place. This charming studio hosts regular classes as well as workshops for groups or special occasions. Before starting our workshop, we browsed through the Discovery Center to view the glass versions of local flora and fauna. It's stunning.


Anne started our workshop by showing us sample projects and all of the materials we could use to design our creations. There were so many possibilities!

After further instructions, safety information, and helpful tips, she let us loose. Some of us chose to make fish, others made tiles, and the rest made coasters. 


Some had a design in mind, while others played with the materials until something beautiful emerged. 


Anne did a great job making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. She even had coloring pages and extra fish for the kids who finished early. 


Look at the concentration of 4-year old Teagan. Future artist, for sure! 

This is my work station. I chose a blue smiling fish and decorated it with yellow, lime, orange, and grey. 

We spent a little over an hour making our creations. When they were done, Anne put them in the kiln to fuse. Two days later, they were cool and ready to be picked up. Every single one turned out beautifully. 


If you ever find yourself in Bandon, I highly recommend doing a glass fusing workshop at Sage Place! It was great fun and surprisingly affordable. And now we each have a special souvenir from our time together. Thanks again to Anne for helping make our family reunion even more memorable.


  1. How fun!! Your projects all turned out awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a fun place to meet and do cool crafts! And it is wonderful that the entire family participated at the family reunion! I loved seeing your photos!!!!


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