Prime Surprise Sweets

You know how much the deRosiers like trying new foods, so this gift we received from Jonna was absolutely perfect! 

Sadly, Amazon has discontinued their Prime Surprise Sweets since the time we received our box. I'm bummed, because this was a great gift and we loved the treats inside. 

We particularly enjoyed the Grey Ghost Bakery Molasses Spice Cookies (affiliate link here and below). Hands down, the best spice cookie I've ever had. The Oven Arts brownies were fantastic, too. 

You may be thinking, "I thought you said you were dieting." Yes, I am. My weight loss has been all about portion control, not deprivation. A small wedge of the whoopie pie was enough to taste and enjoy it without eating too many calories. Once I take the portion size I can 'afford,' Trevor and Steve take how much they want. Anything left goes in Trevor's lunchbox for him to eat and/or share with his friends. It's working well. 


  1. As a "foodie" you know I like this pots, LOL! I tried going through Munch Pak the last time you posted about them but there was always an error w/ their website.
    But that's okay because I was invited to join the 6 snacks for $3.99 pack from Snack Nation and, having ordered from them in the past, I knew they were good... and they are!
    And yes, portion control NOT deprivation -AKA- CICO! Go Cindy!

    1. Bummer that you've had problems with the MunchPak website. It's always worked perfectly for me. Glad Snack Nation is working well for you. I'm pro-snack no matter where they're from. :D

  2. I'm so bummed they canceled the program. I immediately thought of you guys when I saw it pop up on Amazon. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I think I would enjoy receiving a box of sweet treats like this!

  4. That is a bummer it is discontinued! Looks YUMMY!!! And you know I love my pizza etc., so I get your method!!!!!


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