Wild Hare Kits

If you're a scrapbooker, you've probably heard about Wild Hare Kits. They are a new kit company with a really fun concept. And an adorable logo.

Unlike a traditional kit where every person who orders one receives the same thing, Wild Hare Kits are completely customized. You start by completing a Style Profile, then your curated kit is assembled and shipped! What fun!

I told Steve and Trevor that I would love to receive a Wild Hare Kit for Christmas (HINT HINT). I knew it would be a bit of a risk having them fill out my Style Profile rather than doing it myself, but they know me well and did an outstanding job. Here's how the kit looked before I opened it, complete with a note telling Steve that they'd removed the branding on the exterior of the package so I wouldn't know what it was. Totally unnecessary since I'd asked for the kit AND there's still plenty of surprise about what's inside, but a very thoughtful touch. 

And here's what I got:

While there are a few items I wouldn't necessarily have bought on my own, there isn't a single thing that I dislike. My stylist did a great job of picking things that are similar to my style. I'm looking forward to playing!

So would I order from Wild Hare Kits again? Yes! I'll continue to do the bulk of my shopping at Scrapbook.com (affiliate link), but I could definitely see treating myself to a Wild Hare Kit once in a while. And a Wild Hare Kit makes a great gift!


  1. Well, it is lovely to receive a pack of stuff that you mostly do like. The men in your life did a great job with your Style Profile! Have fun!

    P/s: I guess I must be living under a rock because I have never heard of Wild Hare Kits...lol

  2. How awesome is that concept!! Too many times I have gotten a club kit and not used everything in it, because it's not my style!!!!


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