Salads and Crafting

I'm on a weight loss journey to rid myself of the weight that came with the migraine and anxiety medications (... ok, and ice cream). So far, so good. I'm down about 7 pounds and the goal is in sight. Anyway, there have been a lot of salads in my life recently, both on the dinner table and on the craft table.

Mine isn't the first salad craft out there (this might be) but it's the first I've made and I love it. It has pretty much all of the things I like to put in my salads - greens, carrots, tomatoes, nuts, eggs, and croutons. And, of course, the fork is on the left side so you know it's mine.


Paper Plate Salad Craft


  • Sponge
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Tan paint
  • Paper plate
  • Tissue paper (shades of green)
  • Craft glue
  • Construction paper or cardstock scraps
  • Plastic fork


Cut the sponge into cubes that are the size of croutons. Squirt some paint onto the wax paper and roll the sponge bits in the paint. Set them aside to dry. 

Tear the tissue paper into irregular bits and glue them to the plate. I squirted glue all over the plate so I could rip and stick, rip and stick. 

When the plate is covered, add dots of glue randomly. Rip and stick the second shade of green.

Now add your toppings! I started with white ovals and yellow circles, because hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite salad toppers. 

Be creative! You can add whatever veggies, fruits, nuts, meats, or seeds to your salad. Just cut out the shape, add glue, and stick it in place. Finally, wedge the fork into the salad. You can glue it if you want, but mine stays in place just fine without glue, even when I display the salad vertically. 

Wouldn't this be fun to make with kids at a big salad-themed potluck?! Or anytime, really.


  1. If you wouldn't have said it was a craft, I thought it was the real thing!! This looks AWESOME!! And CONGRATS on the 7 pounds!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks yum!

    I love salads..especially with a mix of fresh leaves, roasted veggies and avocados. Hope you achieve your weight loss goals soon!

  3. I did this craft with the grandkids. I didn't have a sponge, so I printed a picture of toast slices and cut them into squares. I switched out the 'cheese' and provided 'cucumber' slices and cut out almonds. It was a hit, and the kids couldn't get over how real they looked. Thank you!


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