5 Minute Cards using Watercolor Pencils

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It took less than 5 minutes to make this card.

At Creativation, I received the Thank You Coloring Notecards, the Birthday Coloring Notecards, and the 30-Pack Watercolor Colored Pencils from Leisure Arts. I put them in my carry-on rather than my checked luggage and I am SO glad I did. They saved me from going crazy during Plane Delay Hell on the way home and even kept me entertained on the plane. 

There aren't too many craft projects you can do on a tray table, but these were perfect. I finished half the cards before my peanuts and ginger ale arrived. (I ALWAYS have ginger ale when I fly and NEVER have it any other time, despite the fact that I love it. It's my special treat for airplanes only. Another weird Cindy quirk.)  

I finished up the rest of the cards at home. Proper light, space beyond a tray table, no turbulence, no one brushing my elbows - crafty heaven!

If you've never tried watercolor pencils, I highly recommend these ones from Leisure Arts. They're pre-sharpened, go on beautifully, and blend wonderfully. There are 30 colors (though oddly, no orange). Just use them like regular color pencils, but don't worry about getting into every little area. 

Moisten the included brush and blend the colors. Push the color into any gaps. You can see how the leaf has come to life with a bit of water. The color is so vivid.

I like the cards, but I love the watercolor pencils. They're much better than the previous brand I used. Have you tried watercolor pencils? How do you use them?

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  1. Wow!! These are gorgeous! I haven't used them, but Brookie does all the time!!!!!!

  2. Love a quick card.
    I love my watercolour pencils. My faves are the Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle pencils.

    P/s: My airplane drink is gin and tonic.


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