Easter 2018: NSD Holiday Challenge

Here's another layout from National Scrapbook Day. This was for a holiday challenge.

Easter 2018 (affiliate link)

If you peeled back the layers on this page, you might be surprised at what you'd find! The base paper, with the light blue and the festive banner, actually has a line of houses across the bottom. It's cute, but not for my Easter page. I covered the houses with white cardstock, put the strip of blue polka dot washi on it, then lined up the photos so they touched the washi. (If you look closely, you'll see the white cardstock peeking through between the photos. I'd intended to journal on the white strip at the bottom, but after I added the title and butterfly, the layout looked top-heavy. I added the mint paper and the teeny border strip (cut from the tear-strip). Once I added the journaling, I was much happier about the distribution of weight. 


  1. LOVE this! LOVING the photos and the butterfly!!! Looked for you on the TV last night, but couldn't see you at the game! Hope you had fun!!!!

  2. Love that! I often cover up "ugly" portions of busy background papers and use them for something totally unrelated to what their original theme is. It's a great way to be frugal.


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