Pastor Tim: NSD Crafter's Choice Challenge

Our church is in the process of finding a new pastor. For two years, Pastor Tim was our interim pastor, helping us and guiding us as we grieved the loss of our previous pastor, and helping us prepare to call the next pastor. We had to say goodbye to him in April, as he was reassigned to another church. We'd known all along that he was temporary and we tried not to get attached. But it was no use. Saying goodbye was really, really hard.  

Pastor Tim (affiliate link)

I chose the mint, peach, and grey colors to go with the banner and stained glass in the photos. What's funny is that the collection I used is called Date Night... the same one I used to scrap about my 13th anniversary. In other words, pretty much the last papers most people would reach for when scrapping about their pastor! But that's the beauty of B-sides. The pastel stripes that coordinate so well with the Easter banner give no hint of the date-themed papers hiding on the back.

I entered this layout in the National Scrapbook Day Crafter's Choice Challenge.


  1. I loveeeeeeee this! Perfect colors for the photos and loving the butterfly!!!!!

  2. Beautifully scrapped...I love the choice of colours. Hope the new pastor was as good as the interim one!


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