Hands-On History

I did a thorough job documenting the hands-on history I taught to Trevor's fifth grade class here on the blog, but I wanted some record in the scrapbook album. I made this page, using what might be the only picture of me taken during a year's worth of history lessons. 

Hands-On History (affiliate link)

What fun memories! I really do love teaching, particularly when I get to come in when I want, teach my favorite subject, and leave all the discipline, paperwork, staff meetings, etc. to the actual classroom teacher! Thanks, Ms. Muhlbeier. It was an honor and a privilege to teach your students.


  1. Well, you made the most out of the only photo! Beautifully documented!

  2. Loveeeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and the tag!! And loving how the 'focus' from the room ended up on your photo and page!!!!


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