Redwoods Campout

Back in February, Trevor and Steve went on a Redwoods campout with the Boy Scouts. (I stayed home and had friends over for a 13-hour scrapbook day. Woo hoo!) 

Redwoods Adventure (affiliate link)

The eight photos I chose tell a lot of the story, but this layout is a good example of why journaling is so important. There I mention that Trevor was in charge of the food shopping for his patrol for the first time ever. As you can imagine, teenage boys take their food pretty seriously, so Trevor had to be really careful to get all the items the patrol would need for 5 meals AND stay within the budget. He did a great job and everyone returned home happy and full. 


  1. That is AWESOME that he was able to stay within budget!! I loveeeeeeee this! Great colors for the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow. That's a big responsibility....glad he did well!
    Beautifully documented by mom of course!


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