Paint Storage

Now that I am an ambassador for Plaid, they've been sending me the latest colors of specialty paints as they're released. I already had a huge collection of Plaid products that I stored in plastic tubs. With the new specialty paints showing up, I needed to reorganize and come up with a way to store the paints so I could find what I need quickly. (There are affiliate links throughout this post.)

I use the regular Folk Art acrylic paints most often, so it's important that they're accessible and portable. I put them upside down in Sterilite Show-Offs, divided into warm and cool colors. Here are two of those bins with the lids off:

I moved all the specialty paints in separate Sterilite Show-Offs. Most are upside down, marked with a Sharpie so I can easily tell what type of paint is each is. XT stands for Extreme Glitter Paint, my favorite way to add tons of ultra-fine sparkle to a project. W is for Watercolor and they're so pretty. M is for Metallic. These go on so well and provide great shine. 

I have more specialty paints in larger ClearView Latch Boxes. There's a photo of one of the tubs below. The paints with the printed design on the top are the Multi-Surface paints. E is for Enamel, F is for Fabric, and P is for Pickling Wash. CS is for Color Shift, one of my favorites of Folk Art's specialty paints. My budding collection of Glitterific is in another, along with the newly-released Dragonfly Glaze

So far, I'm really liking the way I've organized my paints. How do you store your paints? I'd love to hear!


  1. I loveeeeeeeeee the way you are storing these!!!! I bought a three tiered metal ornate circular tower at an antique store awhile ago, and it is perfect to hold my paints!! The bottom tier is tall enough for the bigger bottles and the top two tiers are perfect for the regular size ones!!

  2. I love that you can see all the colors at a glance. Mine are all on my Raskog cart. The bottles are on a tiered stand and the tubes are hung on the sides of the cart.


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