Pixelated Name Art

Here's another fun idea for using up the leftover squares after completing a StickTogether kit - make name art! Affiliate links below. 


Pixelated Name Art



Decide what colors you want your name to be. I chose to do rainbow order, but it doesn't matter what you pick as long as the letters that touch each other are different colors. 

Through trial and error, I learned that it is easiest to start your name in the lower lefthand corner. If you do this and have a descending letter, like the Y in my name, you'll need to use a capital or otherwise change the letter. You can start in the upper lefthand corner and maintain and descenders, but it's harder to keep the word straight. I also learned that the D needed to be 5 pixels high in order to form it correctly. Any shorter and it didn't read as a D.   

Fortunately, it is easy to peel up the stickers and reposition them as needed. Once you're happy with your name art, use scissors to cut away the excess construction paper. I chose to remove the material from inside the closed spaces, but that's optional. Microtip scissors make it easy. 

Because I was going with a rainbow theme, I mounted my name art on blue paper and added two clouds (since you can't have a rainbow without clouds). I glued one behind me name and used a foam dot to pop the other one up off the page to add a little dimension. 

Are you inspired to use up your extra StickTogether stickers? Or perhaps try your first StickTogether kit? There are so many I still want to do. (Warning: They're addictive!)

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