Easter Artwork Inspired by John 11:25

I do a lot of bunny crafts, but I don't consider them Easter crafts. This is what an Easter project looks like to me:

My project was inspired by this card. I love the way the words of John 11:25 were arranged to form a cross.

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I'm not sure whose idea this originally was, as a quick search shows that many people are selling projects featuring the text of John 11:25 written in the shape of a cross. 


There are elements I like about each of the designs, as well as things I don't. For example, some of the crosses are actually plus signs (with three words above 'Resurrection' and three words below). I like the cross bar higher. I like the emphasis to stay on the verse and not get lost in embellishments. I like the words to actually create the cross without having to outline it. 

I played around on PicMonkey, trying different fonts and sizes until I made this:

I printed it on heavy paper, then used watered-down Folk Art paint to make the sunrise. When that was dry, I painted the hill the cross sits on. I love it.

Happy Easter, everyone! 


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