Using Leftover Diamond Dotz: Luggage Tag with Monogram

New luggage means a new luggage tag. It took less than 10 minutes to pull together cardstock scraps and extra Diamond Dotz to make a tag that perfectly matches my awesome new, inexplicably-inexpensive, purple suitcase. Make your own luggage tag! Affiliate links below.


Luggage Tag with Diamond Dotz Monogram



Cut a rectangle of purple cardstock the same size as your tag holder. Cut a piece of white cardstock so that it is slightly smaller and run it through an embossing machine to add texture. Punch a scalloped circle from purple and a regular circle from white. Glue all the layers together.

Use the craft glue to write the letter of your monogram. Add Diamond Dotz along the glue line to make the letter. Then dot glue along each of the scallops and add Dotz. 

Write your contact info on the back (or attach a business card), then slide it into the tag holder. You're ready to travel!

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