I LOVE 'Color My Cookie'.... and You Will Too

Literally every single day, I get unsolicited emails from marketing agencies, manufacturer representatives, and random business owners asking me to promote products here at My Creative Life. Most of the time, the product is completely outside my niche (dog food, health supplements, self-help books, etc). I turn all of those down. 

About 10% are requests about products that I would actually use, but that it wouldn't make sense to promote here on my blog. For example, I wear deodorant, put gas in my car, and use cough drops when my throat hurts. But they have nothing to do with crafts, cooking, educational travel, or everyday creativity, so in my mind they don't belong here. Sure, I could totally stretch and claim that a certain cough drop is so effective that I bounce right back, put on deodorant, and drive my gassed-up car to the craft store to make all the projects you see here, but posts like that totally turn me off. So I always decline. 

Every so often, a request comes that seems like a perfect fit for my blog. I request a sample, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will appear on My Creative Life. I only blog about it if I like it and think my readers will too. That was the case for Color My Cookie. I'm confident that you will love it as much as I do! 

Color My Cookie is a genius concept. Each kit is themed and includes six pre-baked cookies covered in smooth white icing, which you can decorate with the included "paint palette" (a seventh cookie with edible watercolors). The kit also includes pre-filled piping bags and sprinkles. In other words, the kits contain everything you need to decorate delicious cookies that look professional, without a mess or hassle. And it's so much fun! 

I chose the Christmas Morning kit. It came with two ornament cookies, two tree cookies, two candy cookies, the palette cookie, two bags of icing, two paintbrushes, a bag of sprinkles, cups for water, and a QR code that linked to a helpful decorating video.

Just like with regular watercolors, dip your paintbrush in water and then pick up 'paint' from the palette. Then apply it to the smooth, white surface of the cookie. The pre-drawn outlines act as barriers, keeping the colors just where you want them. If you want to add sprinkles, add them while the paint is still wet and they will stick. 

I tried out the piping bags next. The frosting was the perfect consistency for outlining, which meant it was a little too thick for the flooding I tried to do on the tree. But it worked well for the pink squiggle I put on the ornament, which in retrospect looks like intestines. Oops!

As with anything, with practice comes improvement. I like my second set of cookies better than the first. 

I had SO much fun decorating my cookies! But there was one final step before I could recommend them publicly here on the blog, and that was tasting them. I'm happy to report that they were absolutely delicious! Not just good, but some of the best shortbread I've ever had. They tasted perfectly fresh, despite being shipped from Texas to California, then sitting in their box on my table for two days until I decorated them. 

Color My Cookie offers a nice variety of kit themes, including holiday options like the one I chose, as well as year-round options. They even have a monthly subscription! (I am soooo tempted!) Give Color My Cookie a try. I know you'll love it! Finding a gem like this and being able to share it with you makes slogging through all those messages so worth it.

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