Seriously Love This Smirk

For the past seven years, I've been giving my nephew creative money gifts for his birthday and Christmas. I love the challenge of coming up with ideas that are clever enough to make Timothy smirk when he figures them out. For the first 16 years of his life, I was there for all his birthdays and Christmases to see his smirk in person, but now that they live out of state, I have to rely on my sister and my mom to take photos. They know I live to see that smirk. 

The photo on the bottom left is from this year's birthday. Timothy is smirking because he was not fooled by the single dollar bill I'd tucked into the card and has discovered the money hidden under each layer of the card

Seriously Love This Smirk (affiliate link)

The other photos on the page are from his birthday in 2016 (top left), Christmas 2013 (top right), and Christmas 2016 (bottom right). Fun fact: Trevor is the same age in the top right photo (age 7 in 2013) as Allison is in the bottom left (age 7 in 2020). There is so much I love about this layout.  

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  1. I loveeeeee this! LOVING that his smirk was captured each year! That is AWESOME!!!!!!


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