Sledding Dog Handprint Craft

Have you seen the video of Secret, the dog who takes herself sledding? It's adorable. It was filmed in 2018 but is making the rounds again as we approach winter. If you haven't seen the video, go watch it now. 

Today's craft is inspired by Secret, although I chose to change her from her black-and-white self to brown. Her proportions are a little different as well, because I used my handprint to make her. Affiliate links below. 

Sledding Dog Handprint Craft


Trace your handprint onto brown cardstock. Carefully cut it out, then use the scraps to cut ears, a fluffy tail, and tree trunks. Glue the googly eye, the ears, and the tail to the handprint, then color the tip of the nose black. 

Cut two slopes from white cardstock, then cut the snow for the tops of the trees from the scraps. Cut out a blue sled and some green trees. Assemble the trees by gluing the trunks and the snowy tops to the trees. 

Glue the slopes to the background paper. Glue the dog in place, then glue the sled over the fingertips so it looks like the dog is standing in the sled. Finally, glue the trees in place.


  1. I had NOT seen that video ... but HOW CUTE!!! I love your take on it, and loving that you used your hand!

  2. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, Cindy. A fantastic resource!


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