Rainbow Doodle

I find doodling very relaxing and a good way to loosen up and be creative without having to concentrate. For today's project, I created a large doodle featuring rainbow colors. The 9" square project took me almost 4 hours to complete, so I recommend either making a smaller design or planning to work on it over multiple sessions. Affiliate links below. 

Rainbow Doodle



Use the rubber-banded pencils to draw a ribbon that twists and turns across your paper. Please note that I used black Sharpies for the photo so that it would show up. You should use pencil and draw lightly.

Erase the pencil lines anywhere that the ribbon crosses itself. Which direction you choose to erase the lines will determine whether the ribbon appears to cross over or under itself at that particular location. 

Trace the ribbon with black Sharpie and erase any stray pencil marks. 

Visually divide the background into sixths. Starting with the top left, doodle tiny designs in red. You can use dots, lines, crosshatches, squiggles, swirls, or any other shapes you want. Be sure not to cross in front of the ribbon. 

Fill in the remaining sections in rainbow order. When you're done, you'll have this:

For fun, I colored in one side of the ribbon black to see how that would change the look. I like the way it pops.  

There are a lot of possible variations with this project. I'm sure I'll play around with different options in the near future. 


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