Hedgehog Truffles

I had leftover ganache from the donut cake, so I put it in a silicone ice cube mold and stuck it in the freezer, with hopes of popping out some adorable hedgehog truffles. Success!

I bought the silicone mold I used at Michaels a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be for sale anymore, although Michaels does have a good selection of other silicone molds (affiliate link here and below). 


Hedgehog Truffles



Prepare the ganache, then put it into your silicone mold. I did one sample bunny to see if it would come out without breaking (no). Avoid shapes that have very small areas barely connected to the main portion - it's pretty much a guarantee that the bunny ears (and possibly the tail) are going to break off, as will the squirrel ears, hands, and tail. 

Put the mold into the freezer until the ganache is completely solid. 

Open a packet of hot cocoa mix and spread it onto a sheet of parchment. Unmold the truffles directly onto the cocoa, then turn the truffles until they are coated on all sides. 

Arrange the truffles on a plate, then give them black sugar pearl eyeballs and use quins (round flat sprinkles) for noses. 

Rich and chocolately, these hedgehog truffles are as tasty as they are adorable!

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