An Owl Sculpture, a Burrowing Owl Coloring Page, and Two Wildlife Rescues

Last weekend, Trevor and I went to an open house at the Suisun Wildlife Center, a local animal rescue. It's been about five years since we'd visited, so it was interesting to see the changes. This giant owl sculpture wasn't there last time we were. I love it!

Unfortunately, not all of the changes at the Suisun Wildlife Center are positive. They suffered a devastating fire in June 2020, which took the lives of some of the non-releasable resident animals. Last weekend's open house was the first public event since the fire.  

Besides wanting to look around and support the center, we went so that Trevor could talk with the director about the possibility of doing his Eagle project there. We learned that the center will be closed to the public again in order to do a major rebuild (sponsored by the awesome local Rotary clubs) and that some of the ideas Trevor had as potential projects won't work during construction. He may still work with the Suisun Wildlife Center, but he's exploring other beneficiaries as well. 

One possibility is the California Raptor Center. Trevor has always loved birds (second only to rabbits) and has a particular fondness for raptors (though not necessarily the ones that eat rabbits). He is very interested in learning what needs the California Raptor Center might have. He is particularly delighted by the possibility that his Eagle project may involve actual eagles!

We were looking at the website to check visiting hours when I discovered downloadable coloring pages. I printed the burrowing owl, which was quite a challenge to color due to the texture and color variations of the feathers. I did the best I could (without spending hours) and learned a lot in the process. Among other things, I learned that I need colored pencils that will hold a very fine point. I've put a set on my Christmas wishlist. Fingers crossed! :)  

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