Shrinky Dinks Gift Charms

I was obsessed with Shrinky Dinks when I was a kid. But other than dangling my very favorites from the laces of my roller skates, I never really knew what to do with the dozens of shrunken charms I made. It turns out, I could have been using them as gift toppers. Isn't it the perfect touch for this teeny tiny gift box?!

Way back in my first year as a blogger, I did a lengthly comparison of how different art materials performed on Shrinky Dinks. This time, I tried one of my craft room staples that I didn't use last time: Sharpies. Specifically, I used the Ultra Fine Point Sharpies that I LOVE. (Affiliate link here and below.) I stamped an image and colored it in, but you could trace or draw freehand to make your charms. And, of course, you can vary the size however you'd like. Anything goes!

Shrinky Dinks Gift Charms



Punch 2" circles from the shrink plastic, then punch a 1/4" hole at the top. Stamp the image onto the circles, then color in the designs with Sharpies. Follow the directions on the package to shrink the gift charms. 

When the charms are cool, thread them onto strands of embroidery floss. Tie the embroidery floss around a wrapped gift and it's ready to give!


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