Football Helmet Collage

I've finished another coloring page from Don Stewart's Quirky Collages to Color (affiliate link here and below). The Football Helmet collage was the most difficult one I've done so far, for several reasons. 

The image is larger than ones I've colored previously and made up of more hidden objects, but it's the fact that I don't know anything about football that made it particularly tough. I had to ask Steve for help identifying some of the objects. Can you spot each of them listed below in the picture above? 

Once I figured out what everything was, then I had to look up some of the items to know if they're supposed to be a certain color. Once I picked out colors, I gave everything a base coat with art markers. Then I covered the whole thing with my newly-expanded collection of Prismacolor colored pencils and tried to work out shadows and highlights (with limited success). When I was done coloring, I cut out the helmet with microtip scissors, then adhered it to photo-realistic grass patterned paper

I really love this this coloring book and am looking forward to tackling (ha ha!) my next page. 

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