Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards for Coloring

We spent Thanksgiving 2020 at home with just the three of us; this year, there will be 12 at our house. I'm thankful for vaccines and for the food we'll share, but mostly I'm thankful for family. 

We don't really need place cards, but I'll take any excuse to pull out my colored pencils. I started by designing the printable using PicMonkey. There are four place cards on an 8.5" x 11" sheet. You can download the printable (for free) here. I recommend printing on cardstock rather than printer paper. I used Neenah Vellum Bristol (affiliate link here and throughout the post). 

Once they're printed, cut out the place cards. I recommend using a paper trimmer. Don't cut the backs of the place cards from the fronts; you'll be folding them in order to make them stand up. 

Color in the place cards however you'd like, using whatever art materials you'd like. I used my Prismacolors and did the words first because I'm left-handed and didn't want to smear the finished leaves. I made a different gradient on each card by angling a piece of scrap paper and coloring each section of the sentiment at a time. By overlapping the colors slightly, I got great blending. 

Here are the first three place cards. Which gradient do you like best? My favorite is the bottom right...

... which is why I used it for the hero shot at the top of the post. I wrote the names with a gold Sharpie

Do you do place cards for Thanksgiving? How many people will be around your Thanksgiving table? 


  1. These will look so pretty on the table!

  2. Wow. That's a lot of coloring Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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