Gingerbread Tags for Baked Goods

While I wouldn't blame you one bit if you kept an entire batch of gingerbread muffins for yourself, they do make really nice gifts. Bundle up a half-dozen and give them to friends and neighbors instead of (or in addition to!) a plate of cookies. The smiling gingerbread tag lets them know what's inside. 

To make your own, draw a gingerbread man on brown cardstock and then cut it out with microtip scissors. I actually cut the ears off the template I made for the torn paper bear and used that for my gingerbread man. Then I used a white colored pencil to draw the frosting onto the gingerbread man. I tested my various colored pencil sets to see which white was the most opaque and ended up using my Prismacolor Premier.  

I have another idea for using the same template that will let me test the opacity of more colors than just the white. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out some...

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