A Batch of Holiday Cards

Trevor and I made holiday cards during a workshop our friend Ann taught at our church. We'll be using these as our thank-you notes for gifts from friends and family. 

I loved the way Ann set up the workshop. There were four tables, each with a different set of materials for cardmaking. You could follow her examples or take each card in your own direction. She pre-cut the dies so that we had plenty of time to make the backgrounds, assemble everything, and embellish. I spent most of my time playing with ink, since that's something I don't really do. The alcohol inks were fun, but I particularly enjoyed using the water-reactive distress inks to make backgrounds. (Affiliate links here and below.)

I made all of these cards:    

I also made the snowflake card at the top right. Trevor made the other three cards. As you can see, each of Trevor's cards uses the same materials as one of my cards, but the direction we each took them is quite different. I love that. 

I don't pay too much attention to cardmaking products and techniques (I'm much better informed about the latest in scrapbooking), so it's really fun to play with all of Ann's supplies and learn from her expertise. I found a few items that will be making their way onto my wishlist, most notably this organizer. It's exactly what I need to free up a bit of desk space. I love how versatile it is!

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