Nativity Drawing

Yesterday, I taught some members of my church how to draw a Nativity scene. It was fun teaching the class and everyone's projects turned out beautifully. Make your own! Affiliate links below. 

Nativity Drawing



Use a pencil to very lightly draw Joseph, Mary, and Jesus on white cardstock. Start by making an oval about the size of your thumb for Baby Jesus. Add a circle for his head on the right hand side of the oval. Draw Mary's head directly above Jesus' and then Joseph's head slightly behind Mary's. Draw Mary's gown and arm, then add Joseph's cloak and arm. 

When you are happy with your drawing, trace over the lines with the black pen. 

Add the faces. I used simple curves for their eyes and mouths. Obviously, you can do whatever you'd like. Feel free to give Joseph a beard, add noses, etc. 

Color in the three faces and two visible hands with the flesh tone of your choice. Then use a yellow colored pencil to draw a glow around the baby. 

Color the clothing, leaving Jesus' swaddling clothes white. For depth, I added some shadows underneath the arms and where Mary is shading Joseph. 

Cut out your drawing, then set it onto a piece of black cardstock. With a very sharp white colored pencil, write a verse or a message along the bottom. I used part of Matthew 1:21 (... he shall save his people from their sins...")

Glue the Holy Family in place, then draw the Star of Bethlehem using the gold Sharpie. Add glitter with the Nuvo pen. 


I did my first draft entirely with colored pencil before deciding that coloring in the background was WAY too time-consuming for such a short class. But it was a fun experiment for me to do. 

I hope you are all enjoying the Advent season. 

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