Bash Bowl 2022: Trouble at 11

"Trouble at 11" sounds like something a newscaster would say. In this case, it's a layout about the world's best bunny celebrating his 11th birthday. At 11, Trouble is quite elderly, so it's more important than ever to appreciate the time we have with him.  

Trouble at 11 (affiliate link)

I love how this layout turned out. The warm greys go so well with Trouble's coat. This page earned 5 points for Twisted Scissors: two for black and white with one other color (grey), one for the glitter trim, one for the word stickers, and one for completing a layout. 

Here is the before picture:

I'm really happy with everything I made during Week 2. Unfortunately, the Banshees beat us this week. 

Fingers crossed for a Twisted Scissors win next week! I'm having such a fun time with this competition and definitely plan to make it an annual event.

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