Torn Newspaper Monkey

Do you remember the newspaper tiger I made? Now he has a monkey friend. 

Torn Newspaper Monkey


  • newspaper
  • acrylic paint (brown, tan, black)
  • glue


Find three sheets of newspaper with mostly small text, like the sports scores, stock information, or classifieds. Using a single coat of paint so that some of the text is showing through, paint one sheet of newspaper brown and one sheet tan. Paint half a sheet of newspaper black and leave the rest unpainted. 

When the paint is dry, tear out a large oval of brown for the monkey's head and two smaller ovals for the ears. Tear slowly and carefully, as newspaper wants to rip in just one direction.  

Tear the tan paper into a figure 8 for the monkey's face. Remove a notch from the top. Use the rest of the tan paper to tear two small inner ear ovals and a small figure 8 nose. 

Tear two oval eyes from the unpainted newspaper. Then tear two pupils, two nostrils, and a mouth from the black. 

Glue everything together, then mount it on background paper if desired. 

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