Bash Bowl 2022: Halloween 2021

We just finished Week 2 of Bash Bowl and I am so happy with the pages I made! First up, Halloween 2021. 

Halloween 2021 (affiliate link)

This week's playbook, while still a challenge, was much better for me than last week's. My Halloween layout earned five points for my team, Twisted Scissors: two for a layout with just black and white and one other color (orange); one for the word sticker at the top left; one for the glittered strip above the journaling; and one for completing the page using at least one requirement. 

As was the case last week, the hardest part was picking out all my products ahead of time and actually sticking with them. Here's my before picture:

There was one thing that made it a lot easier to stick to my intended supplies. For the first time in two years, I was scrapping somewhere other than at home. My scrappy BFFs and I met in person for a 12+ hour crop and it was fabulous. While our virtual get-togethers have been fun, I've really missed being in person with them. 

Tomorrow I'll share another page I made - my first touchdown of Bash Bowl!

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  1. How fun to have a 12 hour crop with your scrappy pals. I don't have any locally. The ones I started the hobby with have quit scrapbooking.


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