Bash Bowl 2022: Christmas Card 2021

This is the second of two pages I made for Game 1 of Bash Bowl 2022. It's another 3-pointer (one point for the red elements, one point for the ephemera, and one point for completing a page). 
Christmas Card 2021 (affiliate link)

Most of the items on this page are at least 10 years old, so I'm really pleased that the Playbook for Game 1 pushed me to look for elements I wouldn't necessarily have used for this page. That is the best thing about scrapbook challenges. 

Here's the before photo of the supplies I thought I'd use. Some yes, many no. 

Between my two layouts, I contributed a total of 6 points to Twisted Scissors, which turned out to be a mere drop in the bucket. Each team has 118 members and the resulting point totals were astronomical. 

Twisted Scissors emerged victorious! Go Scissors! 

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  1. A wonderful layout. Love using older items in my stash.


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