Pile of Hearts Doodle

I do a lot of random doodling, but it's rare that I take a doodle and keep going with it until it's a finished piece of artwork. I'm really happy with how this doodled pile of hearts turned out. Plus, it gave me the chance to try out one of the new art supplies I got for Christmas. Affiliate links below.  

Pile of Hearts Doodle



Use a pencil to LIGHTLY sketch hearts of various sizes on the paper. They should overlap each other. Continue until you are happy with the number of hearts. Erase some pencil lines to bring certain hearts visually to the front. 

Select 5-6 markers (I used all the shades of pinks and purples that I have) and color in the hearts. Make sure no adjacent hearts are the same color. Use the scissors to cut out the pile of hearts. 

Select a color pencil that coordinates with each marker color. Add a different texture to each color of hearts. As you can see, I did black polka dots on the red, violet stripes on the purple, purple crosshatch on the violet, hot pink open circles on the pink, and red swirls on the rose. 

Use a grey pencil to add a shadow everywhere that one heart overlaps another. Finally, glue the finished doodle to a background. I like the way black makes the colors pop. 

I used my new Pablo pencils for the first time on this and it was a great way to get a feel for them and how they work. I love how sharp a point they can hold and the detail I was able to get with them. I have a relatively small set, but I definitely see that I'll be needing more. They're a great complement to my Prismacolors, which are fabulous for blending but not as good for tiny details. 


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