Conversation Hearts Bouquet of Flowers

This bouquet of flowers takes yesterday's flower cupcakes one step further. They're so festive and would be just as fun for a springtime party as they are for Valentine's Day. Affiliate links below. 

Conversation Hearts Bouquet of Flowers



Prepare your materials. For each flower, you will need four large hearts of the same color, plus one yellow Sweet Tart Heart. You will also need one lollipop stick. 

Prepare 4-5 Candy Melts, following the package instructions. Put a dollop of melted candy onto the parchment paper, then immediately press the four large hearts into it. They should be message-side down, with their points facing in. Place the Sweet Tart Heart on top. 

It took me awhile to figure out the right amount of melted candy. If you look closely at the orange flower, there is some candy showing between the petals. There's less on the yellow flower, but it's still an issue. The pink flower has the right amount - none is showing, but there's still enough at the top for the center candy to stick. The dollop on the right is the correct size. It should be close in size to the Sweet Tart Heart. 

Let the candy harden (approximately 15 minutes), then gently peel it off the parchment paper. Place the flowers upside down on the parchment paper. Re-melt the candy, then add a generous dollop on top of the existing candy. Press the lollipop stick in the candy, then let it set completely. 

Fill a vase (or a drinking glass) with candy hearts, then nestle the flowers into them. You can make your bouquet as full as you'd like. 

In addition to looking great on a buffet table or as a centerpiece, his bouquet makes a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for someone special. 

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