Craft Roundups: Earth Day, Birds, Paper Plates, and Clay Pots

Time to share my latest craft roundups! I made all of these as part of my job as Editor of Fun Family Crafts

First, Earth Day. This one was tricky. Pretty much any craft that involves recycled items (newspaper, cardboard tubes, cereal boxes, lids....) or natural materials (leaves, rocks, pine cones, flowers...) could be considered an Earth Day craft. We have at least 9,000 crafts that fit into one of those categories, so I decided to narrow that way down and pick crafts that are literally about Earth. I ended up with a good assortment. My favorite is that Earth cake. Can you see what's inside? So clever!

Next, bird crafts. We actually already had a bird craft roundup on the site from many years back, so I didn't choose the featured birds. Instead, I used the previous ones on an updated graphic. 

Doing the paper plate craft roundup was fun because with over 300 tutorials, there were so many good options. As always, I tried to showcase the widest variety of crafts. That's my volcano at the top. You may have noticed that recently I've been putting one of the 10 featured crafts into the title block. That allows me to make a nice grid of 9 beneath it instead of a lop-sided grid of 10. 

Finally, clay pot crafts. A lot of the clay pot crafts we have involve painting or decorating the pots before planting something in them. I wanted to showcase some unexpected ways to use clay pots - the wind chimes, lighthouse, and beehives are perfect examples. 

As always, making these roundups is my favorite part of the job. I think the next roundup on my list is butterflies, so be expecting that in the next batch!

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